Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей (domestik_fucker) wrote,
Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей

So, I have an infestation going on in my home of the cute kind, and I need to find a place to home each member of this little, fuzzy brigade.

This one, for now, is known as 'Hitler', because of her 3/4 mustache. She's quiet and usually keeps to herself, and she loves finding little hidden places for kitten-naps. If, for some reason you can't find her within the house, check behind the couch. She loves the seclusion she receives there.

This one is called 'Snake, only because she loved hissing at everything and anything that came towards her for the first two weeks. Since then, she has turned into quite the sweet little love bug. She'll allow you to grab her and cuddle her, and she likes sleeping on surfaces near you. She's also addicted to trying to kill cursors, which leads up to minutes of amusement (especially if your monitor's a flat screen).

His codename: Simba. He's still a bit wild, but he's coming around. Though, he, like Snake, loves sleeping near people. He also loves to be scratched, but only if you do it slowly. If not, you're fingers will be latched onto and chewed on. Loves attacking toes and pants.

Panda. The biggest, fluffiest, and dumbest of the group. She's addicted to food and already knows the sound of the can opener. She, unlike her siblings, can't purr, and she will squeak loudly if you pick her up while she's wide-awake. She sleeps for long amounts of time, and has developed a habit of passing out in the weirdest of places and positions (as you can see here). But, don't worry, though not the biggest sweetheart, her cute-ness and stupidity will more than likely keep you happy enough.
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