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Korean Music Festival Fanvideos!

I'm going to be honest and say that I kinda fail at making reports at the moment, so instead of typing up a report, I decided to just share the videos I took (and later on in the week, I'll post pictures with a small report).

So, before the concert began, hoyah, bokchil, inuchan, fruitsz_pixie and I were hanging at near some Korean radio station's booth, and they had a rap Duo called XT (or X2, one or the other) performing. The members are Unique One and Sick Boy. Here are two videos I took. ;Dv

Aaaaaaand.... there'll be more in a bit, since I didn't realize Youtube took 40 days and 40 nights to upload and process shit.

edit: More videos!

Here's a little bit of Super Junior T's 'Rokkuguh'.

ChaeYeon's 'Deulissuh'.

Here's Moon HeeJun singing. ^^

And here he is again. :D

Third's a charm. ;D (and super short)


ONCE MORE! (Please ignore the fact it starts out sideways. I had an 'artistic' moment.)
Click to watch it!

SoNyuhShiDae. ♥ Much love. (and I kinda video stalked HyoYeon)

Linking to is because LJ has decided to fag out on me


Linking to is because LJ is gay.

Chung HoonHee with Jessica from SNSD
It's a pretty duet. It's pretty.

Shin JoongHyun with SoNyuhShiDae! Party!


Here's an M!


Fly to the Sky! (Actually, just Brian. *biased*)

I ignore Hwanhee

SG Wannabe!

Linked out! AGAIN!


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