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Hello my wonderful, lovely, insane friends. We are all gonna play a game today! What kind of game? A fun game. It's called...


In other words, it's time to spam spam spam on this lovely public entry, because I decided to have fun with the 1000 (+) comment meme that has been around the block, the neighborhood, downtown, uptown, the county, the state, the country, THE WORLD and came back to the block (with AIDs? Who knows).

So, go ahead and bend my inbox over and make it scream out in horrid pain as I keep recieving random messages from, hopefully, all of you. (Or at least, the ones that are insane and bored enough to do this. I'M COUNTING ON YOU!! O.O!!!!)

Now, I'm pretty damn open about what you spam. Spam me with weird sentances in English or random foreign ones. Spam me with icons! Spam me with pictures! Spam me in l33t! Spam me using internet faces! Spam me with numbers! I DON'T CARE!! Just, make sure what you be spamming me with isn't too indecent (like pictures of genitilia. Eww.)

So, go at it you horrid, insane monkeys. I don't even care if you drag people I don't know into this, as long as I get the 1000+ comments!

So, spam my dear lovelies. Scare me with your mad spamming skillz. Make my inbox scream out your name! Make LJ scream out, "Not this fucking meme again!"

Now, if ya wanna add, this is not the post for it. Go find Miyavi's lovely face and ask there, bitches.

^_____^ Happy driving me insane, lovelies~!!

3:05 PM: o o j00 crazy b33tches! I have PAGES of comments! PAGES! OMG! xD I fucking love you. Thank you, Erica, for joining the rape-age of my journal and inbox. xD Laura, thank you for being doing this when you're sick. Katori, thanks for being numbah one. Xen, you scared Mr. Waffle, but he'd be happy to oblige. ^ ~ My lovely wife Elisa, OMFG. Thanks for posting those pictures. <3 They were happy. And Emily, you have this thing PWNED. Now, keep up with the spam!

5:20 PM:

OMG- YOU GUYS 500 HAS BEEN TEH REACHED BY TEH LOVELY LIN WITH HELP FROM TEH LON AND CASSIE!! :O I ph33r all yous guys's spamming skillz! Carry on! >3


Amost there! :O Under 150 left to go!!


Congrats to teh Katori for pwning the bitch and being THE THOUSANDTH COMMENTER, which was mauch (harhar- :F MUCH*) aided by Emily, Cassie, Christine, Lon and everyone else on the fucking planet seems. Now, if you want, ya can keep on spammin. ^^ I don care. <3

EDIT Imma make all you losers banners. <3
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